Export Markets

Amiran Steel factory has offered its quality products in international markets after the saturation of domestic markets. As in Sect International market development plan It was pointed out that part of these products are exported to neighboring and nearby countries such as Azerbaijan, Iraq and Georgia, and another part is exported to other continents in order to save the cost of transportation and production and localization of products. Like Europe and America, it is produced and delivered to the consumer.

Exporting has always been considered as one of the strategies to enter global markets. The home appliance industry has a special competitive advantage in this area. It is quite common to carry out marketing activities to attract foreign customers in the process of exporting goods. The decision-making strategies of Amiran Steel manufacturing plant include the following:

  • Identify a specific market and its size and other characteristics
  • Identifying a need or demand for product or service features that causes satisfaction.
  • Identifying preferences and motivations in the buying behavior of target customers
Customers who buy Ernst products or other brands of Amiran Ernst factory in export countries can always receive all the necessary services directly from home by visiting the representative of Amiran steel factory in each of these countries. These services include the use of warranty, supply of consumable parts, dispatch of installers and repair work to the site, etc. One of the concerns of export products is always the after-sales service of these products in a foreign country. For the well-being of its customers and wholesalers in these markets and destination countries, Amiran Steel has appointed a direct representative of the factory who is responsive and responsible. predetermined As a result, you can buy Amiran Steel products in other countries without any worries and be sure that by buying our products, a factory in your country will support you.

Some export markets of Amiran Steel factory products: