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The gross domestic product of Canada's production and economic sector reaches approximately 174 billion dollars. which alone is 10% of the total gross domestic product of this country. In addition, Canadian manufacturers export more than $354 billion annually, accounting for 68% of Canada's total exports. Therefore, it can be said that production is the cornerstone of the modern economy.
Add to that 1.7 million full-time, quality, well-paying jobs across the country. With the modernization of this sector, manufacturers have become innovative and advanced, relying on a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce that includes designers, researchers, programmers, engineers, technicians, and tradespeople.
Canada's manufacturing industry has great potential to shape the country's economic future. New technologies not only create new markets for Canadian goods, but also change the production methods of these goods. Amiran Steel Manufacturing Company, with the efforts and application of modern technology in its productions in the development of Ernest brand products and products in the American continent, intends to establish its third household appliance manufacturing branch under the Ernst brand in Canada and by investing and attracting experienced workers The native of the region should take action in line with the qualitative growth of Ernst brand products and the expansion of its target market.

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