Second Branch in Germany

European Continent


In a report, the Committee of European Domestic Producers addressed these issues and mentioned that household appliances have significantly increased the quality of human life in the past few decades, and now these products are no longer viewed as luxury goods, but are considered a basic need. According to this report, home appliances have made life easier for at least 211 million households in the European Union, which can be seen as one of the signs of this is the 100% penetration rate of some home appliances, including refrigerators and washing machines, in the EU member states. This issue not only indicates that household appliances play a vital role in people's lives, but also shows how accessible these household appliances are to people. Therefore, Amiran Steel Manufacturing Company made an investment and registered the company in Germany under the name of ERNEST GMBH, considering the history of production in the field of household appliances.
German company is a reference for the production and distribution of household appliances under the Ernst brand in the entire continent of Europe, which is in the long plans of the nation of this production.

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