International market development plan

The increase in the volume of global trade and its related changes in the economic environment of countries has increased the competition in businesses and has made internationalization one of the basic components of business strategies in many companies in the world. So far, there have been many challenges to understand this process and many definitions have been presented for the internationalization of companies.

The internationalization of companies has been one of the topics that have attracted the attention of many researchers in recent years, and many models have been presented to explain this process over time. Despite the differences in these theories, the Upsala model, the I models and the pre-export behavior model focus on the internal processes of companies to achieve internationalization goals, but network models seek to describe the internationalization process of companies. They are the basis of establishing and maintaining relationships with other companies.

Many things must be considered when developing international markets. The cost of stocking the product when the cost of transportation is added, the provision of after-sales services in the destination countries at a low cost, the supply of parts in the destination countries, coordination with the standards of each climate, etc. For this reason, Amiran Steel Factory decided to establish a factory in each continent in order to lower the final cost of the product and provide better services, and the products of each continent are produced in one of the countries of that continent and then distributed in the same continent. Therefore, the second factory in Germany in order to reach the European markets and the third factory in Canada in order to reach the North and Central American markets are being established and launched.