Ernst water heater

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    • Ernest wall electric water heater
    • Ernest instant gas water heater
    Ernest water heaters are available in two gas and electric models. Electric water heaters use 220V electricity instead of natural gas and are used in areas where there is a lack of city gas or in countries where gas costs more than electricity. The wall-mounted electric water heater is very popular due to its very simple and convenient installation on the wall to occupy the smallest volume of the environment. On the other hand, among the types of gas water heaters, Ernest's instant water heaters are widely used and paid attention to due to the supply of instant, constant and plentiful hot water. Other features of this water heater include the ability to provide 6 liters of hot water with a temperature difference of 45 degrees in a very short time.

    Types of Ernest water heaters:
    • Ernest electric water heater
    • Ernest instant gas water heater
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