Ernest 13-foot fridge-freezer

    Refrigerator freezer

    Ernest fridge-freezer automatically melts the ice and does not allow the energy consumption of the refrigerator to increase by creating ice and in the long run the efficiency of the refrigerator will face negative effects. This product of Ernest company has an optimal design and is suitable for use in small and medium kitchens. The 13-foot model of these refrigerators and freezers is one of the most widely used types of products of this company. In Ernest's 13-foot refrigerator-freezers, the refrigerator part is located in the lower part of the product and the freezer is located in the upper part. This form of design is more suitable for people who have a small family. The total capacity of the device is 290 liters, which shows that this product is marketed for the use of small families. The freezer part of this product has 2 drawers that you can use to put food items in the refrigerator in an orderly manner. The capacity of this freezer in this product is 65 liters. The height of this refrigerator is 1600 mm, which shows that this product is a compact refrigerator-freezer and is suitable for use in kitchens with limited space and short ceilings. The number of shelves in this refrigerator freezer is 4, and the drawer for placing fruits and vegetables is also placed in this refrigerator. It should be noted that there are 3 layers of the refrigerator door. The refrigerator and freezer handles in this product are designed and produced in a special way; This handle is very modern and is placed in the space between the refrigerator and freezer door.

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    • Ernest 13-foot refrigerator, Rohmi model
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