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Warranty conditions
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Today, paying attention to product quality is one of the most important duties of product distribution companies, and after-sales service is the guarantee of maintaining this quality. Considering the importance of this issue, Ernest Group emphasizes on superior services for the families of its customers. In this regard, Emiran Steel Toos Company has a duty to respond to its customers as soon as possible, with accuracy and customer orientation, which is required for service work. With more than 100 experienced engineers and specialists, Amiran Steel Company puts the comfort of customers at the top of its work and always strives to be the best service provider of home appliance products in Iran.

Warranty conditions:

Parts sent to Ernest services must have the following conditions:

  • Absence of impact marks, physical damage and visible burns in the product
  • Being within the warranty period
  • Hologram and other warranty labels not tampered with
  • Having a serial number and not distorting it
  • There are no traces of manipulation on the piece
  • Sending the warranty card of the products for which the card is issued.
  • Please provide the invoice related to the purchase of your device (including the serial number of the device, date of purchase and store stamp) before the warranty service is implemented.


The responsibility and all costs related to sending the product to the warranty and service center and returning it are the responsibility of the customer.
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