Procedures for obtaining representation:

  1. Studying the conditions for obtaining a sales representative for Ernest products
  2. Completing the representation request form
  3. Conducting local research and visiting the store by marketing and sales experts to check the qualification of obtaining representation If the qualification is confirmed and the necessary points are obtained, the person will be introduced to the sales commission of Amiran Steel Tous Company to obtain a sales and distribution representative..
  4. After the review of the completed file and if approved by the respected management, it is agreed with the agency and the agency code is issued, the account line is opened and the agent's information is entered in the sales system.

توجه : The experts of Amiran Steel Tous Industrial Group will accompany you in all stages of accepting the agency.

Basic conditions for obtaining representation

Appropriate work history : Having a business license and operating in the field of selling household appliances Good name and credit : Good reputation in the market, proper dealing with customers and other social activities. Financial performance : Good accounting, good financial circulation and the ability to make regular purchases Having technical information : Having technical information about all types of home appliance products, the ability to check defects and identify the origin of defects. Purchase regularly and according to the plan :The ability to prepare a purchase forecast plan and purchase from the company according to the plan. Store ownership and location: Definitive ownership of the store, proper access, visibility, presence in the main distribution markets in the activity area and presence on the main street چیدمان و تبلیغات فروشگاهی : The cleanliness and tidiness of the store, the proper arrangement of products inside the store and behind the showcase, the presence of proper shelving inside the store and compliance with all hygiene points.

Please, after reading the above contents, complete and submit the "representation form".

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